130 : Get Up | The Art of Perseverance w/ Adam Greenberg

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 Photo: http://getup.mackenziedaniel.com/

Photo: http://getup.mackenziedaniel.com/

This week's guest is famous for one pitch that changed his life forever.  The pitch was a 92 mph, first pitch fastball to the back of the head on his major league debut with the Chicago Cubs.  This unfortunate event gave Adam the record for being only one of two players in history to have an official at bat without ever taking the field.  After seven years of continued hustle to get back to the major leagues, battling post-concussion symptoms and countless other injuries, he signed a one day contract with the Miami Marlins in 2012 to finish that at bat.  Adam was an All-American at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and was inducted into the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in 2014.  Outside of baseball Adam founded the Health & Wellness Company Lurong Living and is author of the book “Get Up, The Art of Perseverance.” Adam's book should be a must read for any athlete who is dealt adversity, especially if they are struggling with post-concussion syndrome.

I was first introduced to Adam's story through my buddy Joe who hired Adam to speak to the athletes at NJIT.  After Joe's recommendation and reading Adam's book I knew I had to get him on the pod.  

I apologize in advance for dips in audio quality throughout this episode, but luckily Adam was kind enough to re-record the roughest parts.

Below you will find a list of topics Adam and I cover throughout the interview:

“If you play sports you are going to have setbacks.”

  • Why baseball is a game of failure.
  • The odds against baseball players reaching the major leagues.
  • Goal setting principles.
  • Weight room accident that kept him out of for the first time baseball and how Adam dealt with it.
  • How your attitude can create opportunity.
  • How to make fuel for your fire with the naysayers.
  • Symptoms from the concussion suffered in Adam's first major league at bat (17 mis-diagnosis).
    • Positional vertigo
  • The different treatments that helped alleviate his symptoms.

“I picked baseball, baseball didn’t pick me.”

 Photo :  CT Post

Photo : CT Post

  • What is was like going through this injury in the early years of concussion awareness.
  • How to make injury recover a game.
  • How Adam's mental game got stronger after each setback.
  • The importance of setting small goals along the injury recovery journey.
  • The one at-bat campaign story.
  • How pain can serve as a teacher.
  • Why if you quit, you are no help to anyone.
  • Adam's transition to life after baseball and how Lurong Living helped this transition.
  • The injury that gave Adam closure.
  • Adam educate's us on deer antler supplements.
  • Adam's latest project with Four Diamonds Sports.
Get Up: The Art of Perseverance
By Adam Greenberg, Ben Biddick

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129 : Defying The Odds, Captainship After Adversity & Forging HeroicMinds w/ Ben Fanelli

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Ben Fanelli is a Canadian hockey player who finished his career with the Kitchener Rangers. When Ben was 16 years old he woke up in the hospital and was told he was lucky to be alive, he’d never play sports again and may be a different person than he was before his injury suffered in a hockey game, which caused a skull fracture and 3 brain bleeds. Ben is now the founder & host of the HeroicMinds Podcast whose mission is to create a community of people that find comfort in uncommon ground, courage in difficulty and selflessness in struggle. People that ensure they are the hero of their own story.  With a story and mission like this, how could I not get him on the podcast?!

I had a blast talking with Ben because our stories and experiences are so similar. However, one way our stories differ is that Ben actually worked himself back to playing the sport he was told he'd never be able to play again.  Many PCS sufferers ask me if I've posted any athlete stories who actually make a comeback to an elite level and I am happy to say this is one of those episodes. If you enjoy this interview, I have no doubt you will enjoy Ben's HeroicMinds Podcast, so check it out (no pun intended)!  


Below are other topics of discussion Ben and I cover in this episode:

  • Ben doesn’t remember anything from the injury, but retells to story he was given by family and friends.
  • Thoughts after Ben's doctor said sports were going to be out of the question for the rest of his life.
  • Dad's positive thinking that may have helped avoid brain surgery.
  • The effects anti-seizure medication had on his recovery.
  • Concussion symptoms Ben suffered from throughout his 2 year recovery.
  • Pushing the envelope safely during recovery and the progression back to the ice.
  • Mixing in balance drills and sudokus and other cognitive games into his recovery – Episode 17 w/ Tyler Belanger reference.
  • What it was like going through PCS before people talked about concussions the way they do today.
  • Ben's relentless pursuit of relief paying off.
  • The decision to move back with his team and how that helped his recovery.
  • Earning respect from the team while injured.
  • The decision to pursue pro hockey again and his mother’s reservations.
  • Hobbies and pursuits away from hockey while recovering.
  • The difficulty in watching the team play without him.
  • Importance of finding healthy distractions.
  • What it was like getting back on the ice, becoming a captain and how his experience with adversity helped him captain the team.
  • Ben's approach going back onto the ice (how about that comeback??!! (ABOVE)).
  • Retiring from hockey and life after – Advice for the transition.
  • Discussion on the hit that nearly cost him his life and his career.
  • Enforcer discussion and social media's role.
  • Goals with the Heroic Minds Podcast – focus on mindset through adversity.
  • Why striving for balance doesn’t change the world.



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128 : Duality of the Modern Athlete w/ Marco Dapkey

Marco Dapkey Cover 128.jpg

This week's guest might look familiar to you if you have been following the show for a while, or even just a week...  Marco Dapkey should look familiar to you because his story of overcoming acute lymphoblastic leukemia was featured in episode 73 and 74 almost exactly a year ago. Last week, in episode 127 the focus of our conversation surrounded the idea of "EARNING YOUR INTENSITY."    A lot has happened in the last year including Marco's first individual CrossFit Regionals appearance where he finished 28/40! He also opened his own gym (CrossFit MFP) in that last year, which we discuss in depth in this week's episode.  I can't take credit for the title of this episode.  Paul Rabil, who is arguably the best lacrosse player in the world, coined the term "Duality of the Modern Athlete" on his own podcast, which is called "Suiting Up."  Suiting up is a show that explores the psychology, playbook of tools, and strategies of the most influential people in sports, entertainment and business.  A topic that Paul frequently covers is the trend in elite level athletes having endeavors, passions and pursuits outside of their sports.  If you enjoy my podcast you, will love Paul's too.  He has had some incredible guests on his show including Bill Belichick, Drew Brees, Gary Vaynerchuk and Tiki Barber, just to name a few.  In this episode of the podcast, Marco and I do our own version of the Suiting Up podcast. Is it possible to be an elite competitor on an off the field? I'd say yes after learning about how Marco was able to qualify for the 2018 CrossFit Regionals, which is the second year in a row he has accomplished this feat, AND start his own business at the same time!  Below is a list of other talking points we cover during the interview:

  • This episode was recorded in the gym that was barely even an idea last year.
  • Marco didn’t think business when is came to having his own gym
  • How it all started at “Dap’s Gym.”
  • Why sales experience in other gyms turned him off to that business style.
  • How Marco learned from always observing from a business perspective wherever he was.
  • The limitations of being an employee.
  • Mom always told him that he needs to do what makes him happy.
  • How an internship at Villanova University sparked his entrepreneur on fire.
  • How Marco's experience with overcoming cancer gave hims the courage to chase his dreams.

“I look at getting sick as an opportunity.”

  • The process of creating the business plan for the gym.
  • Working at lululemon and the importance they placed on goal setting for their employees.
  • The role of relationships when starting a business.
  • Having a plan A B and C.
  • Asking people for advice who have already done what you want to achieve.
  • Coming up with a name and logo.

“What if it fails?”

  • Why people close to him fear for him.
  • Marco’s weaknesses as an entrepreneur and how he accounts for those weaknesses.
  • Why you have to earn your intensity in business too!
  • Finding balance while competing at the highest level of your sport and owing a business – quality over quantity.
  • The culture Marco wants to create in his gym.

“Positive vibes only.”




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