100 : A Look Back At One Hundred Episodes

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On September 5th,  2015, the Heads ‘N Tales Podcast was born. There have been a lot of ups and downs along the way and I couldn’t have gotten to the 100th episode alone.  I first want to thank my girlfriend Lauren for pushing  and encouraging me to keep going at times when I wanted to quit and for never getting frustrated with me for spending every Sunday for the last two years editing audio and writing blog posts.  Next I want to thank my family and friends for all of their support along the way and making the podcast what it is today.   I also need to thank my guests, because without you, there wouldn’t be a podcast. Lastly, I want to thank my loyal listeners out there. Your notes, letters of appreciation and encouragement make all the early mornings and late nights worth while. 

In the 100th episode you will hear not only the evolution of the podcast from a production and content perspective, but also my own personal transformation and the key things I have learned along this journey. I hope you can apply some of these same principles to your life.  Specifically, you will hear excerpts from the following interviews:

  • Lou Vanorski, my youth football coach and a current high school football coach from Episode 2. Although this interview was not the first one posted, it was the first one I ever recorded. It was funny to listen back to hear all the background noise and the lack of confidence in my voice. In the excerpts I pulled from our interview, we debate the definitions of hurt vs. injured and the importance of knowing you are not alone throughout the injury recovery process. My hope is that one day, every athlete can come to the Heads 'N Tales podcast to know they are not alone and more importantly find a roadmap to overcome their obstacle.

  • Bill Anthes, a Green Beret from episode 54. I recorded this episode after participation in one of Bill's Between the Ears Evolutions. It was in this definition that I learned the true definition of toughness. Since this experience, I no longer find my self worth from physicality and extrinsic motivators. I believe that if everyone adopted the definition of toughness described in this episode the world would be a much happier and healthier place.

  • David Vobora, retired NFL Linebacker and Founder of the Adaptive Training Foundation from episode 53. This has been one of my favorite episodes to date and the wisdom spewing out this interview is ridiculous. Some talking points I pulled for the 100th episode include David's transition to life after football and the idea of "Pain for a Purpose." The latter point is one that has proved to be healing to me in my search for a new identity after football.

  • Eric LeGrand, and former Rutgers football player from episode 47. I was on the field when Eric suffered his devastating spinal cord injury and I remember the huge void his absence left on the team. His outlook on life after his injury and gratitude is exemplary.

  • Suzanne Barba, the athletic trainer who saved my life from episode 1. This podcast wouldn't be possible if it weren't for Suzanne. The 100th episode starts off by looking back at the first episode to highlight my intentions for the show and compare them to what Head's 'N Tales actually looks like more than 2 years later.

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