141 : Entrepreneurship After Football & Why Nothing is Scarier Than Covering Randy Moss w/ Thirteen Year NFL Vet & Windpact CEO, Shawn Springs

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Shawn Springs is a retired NFL Corner Back who played in the NFL for an impressive 13 years. He was drafted 3rd overall in the ’97 draft out of The Ohio State University. Most recently he became the Founder and CEO of Windpact (Based in Leesburg, Va.), which is a technology and applied science company that focuses on impact protection. Shawn and his company Windpact have been featured in the Washington Post and were one of the winners in the NFL Play Smart Play Safe HeadHealthTECH challenge. Shawn’s transition to life after football serves as a great example for current athletes and his passion for impact protection is inspiring. Talking points throughout my conversation with Shawn can be found below:

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  • How to leverage your status as an athlete.

  • The advice Shawn’s Dad (who also played in the NFL) gave him, which helped set him up for a successful life after football.

  • Time management struggles post career.

  • The benefits of playing in Seattle and how it influenced his company Windpact.

  • How baby car seats led to technology innovations in his company.

“We are the Intel for impact protection.”

  • Shawn discusses the technology innovations Windpact is making for the Sport, Military and Automotive industries.

  • The sparks for Shawn’s interest in the safety technology field.

  • Translatable skills from football to entrepreneurship.

  • The importance of building a strong team around yourself.

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“If you can cover Randy Moss one on one for a game, there is no bigger fear than that.”

  • How Shawn relies on his listening skills, which were forged in football, on a daily basis.

  • Tips on career longevity from a 13 year NFL veteran, although not completely injury free.

  • One of Shawn’s concussion stories.

  • Why Shawn is impressed with the NFL’s approach to player safety.

  • What its like to play fantasy football as a retired pro.

  • See a demonstration of Windpact’s Crash Cloud technology below:

  • Why sports equipment is so behind the times when it comes to impact technology.

  • What the future holds for impact technology.

  • What went into the decision to retire after 13 years.

  • Why Joey Galloway is the toughest player Shawn ever played with/against.


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