111 : How To Get A Job After College Athletics w/ Former Duke Basketball Player, Tricia Liston

Tricia Liston is a former Duke women’s basketball player and is 8th on their all-time scoring list.  Upon graduating from Duke, she became a WNBA champion after being selected as a first round draft pick by the Minnesota Lynx.  Tricia also played in Italy, Spain and Korea throughout her professional basketball career.  Tricia currently specializes in job placement for former college athletes at Drum Associates, which is a full-service recruitment firm.  The focus of our conversation in this interview is on starting your professional career after retirement from sports.  I came across Tricia's work in this Chicago Tribune article.

Below are other talking points we cover in our conversation:

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  • What went into Tricia's decision to retire from basketball.

  • How Tricia managed back pain since her senior year of high school.

  • The toll playing all year round takes on a professional athlete.

  • The uncertainty surrounding the decision to retire from sports.

  • How playing overseas prepared Tricia for a life after sports.

  • What Tricia’s transition to life after basketball has been like.

  • How Tricia works around her back pain in workouts today.

  • They key to staying healthy and on the court at Duke.

  • Athletic skills that translate into the workforce.

  • Tips for building your resume in the absence of significant internship experience.

  • Example resume bullet points for athletes.

  • What sets athletes apart in the corporate world?

  • How to market your coachability.

  • Combatting applicant tracking systems.

  • How employers use social media when screening candidates.

  • The top three things athletes should be doing to set themselves up for success after their athletic career.

  • The advantage athletes have in building a network on LinkedIn.

  • Adjusting to the corporate environment as an athlete.

  • Advice for figuring out what you want to do.

  • How to utilize the services of Drum Associates in your job search.

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