112 : Success Isn't Sexy, It's Sweaty w/ Mental Performance Coach, Dayne Gingrich

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Dayne Gingrich is a high performance coach, speaker and a former professional athlete.  I met Dayne when I was a guest on his Facebook live show (scroll to the bottom of this post to watch) with episode 78 guest, Michael O’Brien.  In the chatroom before we went live, I learned about his incredible story of perseverance after almost ending it all and knew I had to get him on the show to share his tale. In this episode we focus on the mindset needed to perform like the 1%, transitioning to a successful life after sports and coming back to your sport after injury.  This one is full of great takeaways to add to your daily routine!

Below are some of the topics Dayne and I discuss in this interview:

  • How Dayne let the influence of others influence his decision to choose tennis over basketball early on in his athletic career.

  • Injury struggles throughout Dayne's athletic career due to a lack of physical preparation.

  • What separates the great ones from the good ones (athletes)?

    • The 1% mindset and doing what others aren’t willing to do to separate yourself from your competition.

    • The first person that came to mind when thinking of athletes who possess the 1% mindset was by buddy Mike Burton, Chicago Bears fullback.

  • What makes up the foundation of a strong mental game.

  • The importance of having self-awareness when embracing the 1% mindset.

  • The low point Dayne hit after starting his own business when he thought about ending it all and how he was able to turn it around.

  • The danger of internalizing your external struggles.

  • How to work backward from a vision in the future and planning for what might happen.

  • How to have faith in the unknown.

  • The compound interest of confidence from taking small steps toward your goal.

“Success isn’t Sexy it’s sweaty”

  • How Dayne pushes himself out of his comfort zone everyday.

  • The importance of loving what you are doing in the moment and enjoying the preparation.

  • The danger on focusing on the result, whats happened and what might happen.

  • The power of visualization and why you can’t do it enough.

  • Visualizing the comeback after injury.

Check out our conversation about toughness on the Performance Zone with Michael below:




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