122 : Answering The Bell & Life After Ball w/ Former SMU QB, Ramon Flanigan

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Although I only recorded this interview two weeks ago, I couldn't keep it from you guys any longer. Our guest in episode 122 gave us so much powerful insight on transitioning to a life after sports and overcoming injuries.  Ramon Flanigan was recently appointed the position of Director of External Affairs at his old stomping grounds of the Southern Methodist University football program. Ramon played quarterback at SMU and was a two-time team captain and is the only player in program history to pass for more than 5,500 yards and rush for at least 1,500 yards in their career. He also had a hand in SMU's only winning season since the death penalty until that streak was again ended in 2009.  Ramon also played professionally for the Hamburg Blue Devils before moving on to an extensive coaching career. Before coming back to SMU Ramon served as Head Football Coach at Lincoln University.  The focus of our conversation surrounds the Life After Ball program Ramon is developing at SMU football and the two injuries that forced him into two medical redshirts.  Show notes on this episode are listed below:

“Everybody has a point in time when their life sucks and you just have to answer the bell.”

  • Why it was an easy decision for Ramon to go to SMU to play football and why the death penalty worked in his favor.

  • Ramon gives us an explanation of the death penalty. Check out a great documentary on the story here : The Pony Express

  • How Ramon's team was able to stay competitive even though they were often outmatched almost every week.

“Who loved you before you were a football star? Those are the people who have your best interest at heart”

Photo: 247 Sports

Photo: 247 Sports

“The game continues to go on”

  • Injuries that forced Ramon into two medical redshirts

    • Thumb injury (first injury in sports ever), but at least he threw an 80 yard TD on that play...

    • Dislocated hip (Bo Jackson injury), which changed his game forever.

      • The mental and emotional tole these injuries had on him and why they differed.

  • Why Ramon had a tough to be around the game while he was hurt.

  • What it is like to be a captain who is out for the season with an injury.

  • The importance of staying connected to your support system while injured.

  • How to not get frustrated with a compromised skillset after injury.

  • The importance of gratitude.

  • The qualities that led Ramon to being voted a two-time team captain.

  • How playing football in Germany after SMU helped Ramon "get it out of his system."

“When you’re an elite athlete, sometimes in your mind, reality isn’t reality.”

  • Why Ramon didn’t struggle in his transition to life after football.

  • The origin of SMU’s Life After Ball program and what it offers.

  • The value of building personal relationships after ball and how to forge them.

  • Ramon’s book recommendations.

  • Cliffnotes on audio – Philosophers Notes

  • Translatable football to life skills.

  • Ramon’s thoughts on health and safety in the sport.

  • Why coaches teaching our youth need to be top notch.

  • Why money complicates safety in the sport.

  • How Ramon is trying to figure out life after ball for himself today.

  • The benefits of playing multiple sports – tangibles and intangibles.

“Whatever sport was in season, that’s the one I was going to go to the pros in.”




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