125 : More Broken Bones Than You Can Count w/ Freestyle Motocross Rider, Beau Bamburg

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Episode 125 brought back memories of my childhood.  I had an intense obsession with dirt bikes and riding my XR-100 throughout my middle school days and looked up to athletes like this week's guest, Beau Bamburg.  Beau is a pro freestyle motocross rider who has performed for five years around the world on the Nitro Circus Live Tour. He has also made 10 X Games appearances. When away from his bike, Beau is an avid guitar player who has played the National Anthem at events, including in front of approximately 45,000 fans in 2011 as part of the AMA Supercross opening ceremonies.  Beau has countless battle scars and has forged an exemplary identity outside his sport through music and other creative outlets, which is why I thought he would make for a perfect guest on the pod. Below you will find more talking points we touch on throughout our conversation:

“Its like super hero stuff, when you’re a kid you want to fly.”

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  • The dumbest thing Beau ever did on a dirt bike, which knocked him out, broke his leg and his wrist.

  • Broken his right leg 7 times, ribs, concussions, collarbones.

  • The lack of sports medicine personnel in Freestyle Motocross and the difference between super cross and freestyle in terms of care.

  • The pressures to ride injured in the sport and when to tap out.

  • The similarities between contract structure of freestyle and football.

  • Why freestyle is actually safer than supercross (racing).

The culture of toughness in motocross – “I have to pay my mortgage this month.”

  • How its easier to push through injuries with a bike.

  • Why the fun outweighs the fear.

  • Why the average career span of freestyle guys is not long and how Beau is 40 years old and doesn’t have plans for stopping anytime soon.

  • Barriers to entry in the sport.

  • How Beau's racing background helped him get into freestyle/advice for getting into freestyle.

  • How Nitro Circus prioritizes safety.

  • Tips for overcoming hesitation after coming off an injury.

  • How the sport of Motocross is still early on in it's evolution in comparison to more traditional sports – still learning and figuring it out to make things safer.

“If I feel 100% there is something wrong with me.”

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  • No standard safety equipment in the sport of freestyle.

  • Never tried any drugs, no better drug than his sport.

  • How Beau got into music and playing the guitar.

  • How his guitar keeps him sane and out of trouble and helps pass this time when on tour.

  • How creativity transfers to freestyle.

  • Why Beau still works construction to this day.

  • How Beau literally fell into freestyle riding.

  • Beau's thoughts on allowing his son's to ride.

  • Safety innovations in the sport of motocross.

  • Where Beau's love of Van Halen came from.

  • The importance of having fun.

Advice to young athletes - “Save your money.”

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