132 : Navigating Concussion Recovery - A Personal & Clinical Perspective w/ Molly Parker DPT

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Molly Parker is a physical therapist that has had post concussion syndrome and a sensorimotor disorder for 7 years. She has seen over 70 healthcare providers and spent thousands of hours researching. She says that she did everything wrong and got worse for over 4+ years and is now trying to prevent you from making the same mistakes when it comes to your recovery from PCS! She believes that she has finally figured out how to harness the power of neuroplasticity and is hopeful for a second chance at life for herself and you! 

“I honestly felt really lucky, I felt like I walked away with only a concussion.”

Below are some topics we touch on throughout this interview:

  • The story of how getting hit by a cab back in 2011 changed Molly's life.

  • How her background and network as a PT at the time of her accident influenced her recovery (negatively).

  • Immediate symptoms included : “legs felt like they were broken,” dizzy, disoriented, headache.

  • Why Molly kept pushing through her symptoms.

  • How the development of a sensory motor affected her recovery.

  • Long-term severe symptoms included : difficulty completely normal day-to-day tasks, which eventually got to the point where she wasn’t able to care for herself anymore.

  • Why it took two years to get an official diagnosis that her symptoms were concussion-related.

  • How the symptoms eventually led to her losing her dream job.

  • The similarity between career ending injuries in athletes and Molly’s experience with losing her job.

“Everything I worked hard for had come to fruition and then I slowly started to lose it all.”

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  • Molly's frustration in searching for answers especially from her peers in PT.

  • Conversation with Dr. Nancy Byl that led her in the right direction and significantly improved her symptoms.

  • The connection between her vestibular symptoms and her sensory motor disorder.

  • The treatments that helped her the most in her recovery.

  • Movement Disorders Program at UCLA

  • Dr. Alyssa Elder and Dr. Allan Wu were the PT/neurologist team from UCLA.

  • Physical therapy for a sensory motor disorder and how they used sensory motor re-learning

  • The emotional toll PCS had on her and coping strategies.

  • Why Molly recommends seeing a psychologist during your recovery from PCS.

“I just had to let go of that blueprint of how my life was supposed to be.”

  • What neuroplasticity is and why you should never lose hope.

  • The importance of finding a treatment team for your PCS and where to start your search.

  • Money saving tips for medical bills.

  • Nutrition’s role in PCS.

  • The role of sleep in recovery and sleep hygiene tips.

  • Advice for family members.

  • How you know when you are in the clear.

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