149 : Young Minds Can Dream Big Beyond Sports w/ Dr. Jason Campbell

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Dr. Jason Campbell is a graduate from THE Ohio State University College of Medicine and was a Division III All-American track and field athlete at Emory University. He is currently a physician resident in the Department of Anesthesiology at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon.

By chance I came across Dr. Campbell’s Seattle Times article titled “Why Not You? Young Minds Can Dream Big Beyond Sports” all the way across the country in New Jersey. Thank God for Google News alerts! It didn’t take too much digging to realize that I needed to get this guy on the podcast. Dr. Campbell is a living and breathing example for young athletes that you can be successful in athletics all while setting yourself up for a life full of achievement after sports.

Check out some of our talking points below:

“You can change your stars like my father did.”

  • Why RG III’s story inspired him to write THIS ARTICLE.

  • The influence Dr. Campbell’s parents had on his identity beyond sports.

  • Dr. Campbell’s transition to life after track.

    • Distract yourself with something you love.

    • The importance of continuing to have highlights.

  • Boys of Fall music video (the highlights don’t come every Friday night anymore)

“I was energized being in the physics lab knowing that I was going to practice after.”

“Every realm I enter into I want to be successful.”

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  • Dr. Campbell’s Playbook For Building Identity outside of sports

    • Excellence comes in all shades

    • Dream big “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

      • From waitlisted to President ARTICLE

    • Find a mentor who believes in your vision.

      • How to find a mentor and keep one!

    • Ask yourself, why not you?

“Either you run fast, or you might not be able to afford college.”

  • What true passion for a sport looks like.

  • Injuries Dr. Campbell experienced during his athletic career.

  • Why adversity leads to opportunities .

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