Athletes to Careers w/ Penelope Yamauchi

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Penelope Yamauchi is an Athlete Job Placement Coach with Athletes to Careers and is a former Division - 1 swimmer and 2012 Olympic trial qualifier. I met Penelope through my last podcast guest, Tobruk Blaine who is the Director of the Beyond Football Program at San Diego State University.

After personally struggling to find a job she was passionate about after her swimming career, Penelope has made it her life’s mission to prevent other athletes from suffering the same fate as long as they are willing to put in the work!


Below you will find a list of talking points Penelope and I touch on throughout this episode:

  • Penelope’s journey to becoming a D-1 Swimmer.

  • Penelope’s transformation to life after swimming.

  • Questions to ask yourself when searching for the right fit when it comes to choosing a job.

“What are your core Values?”

  • Harnessing creativity in your transition.

  • The path that led Penelope to become a career coach for athletes.

  • Why the universe has your back.

  • Resume building tips for athletes.

    • Situation, Action, Result.

  • The importance of storytelling and going on the offensive when in an interview.

  • Why your first job shouldn’t be your dream job.

  • Stories of successful transitions:


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