42 : Logan Hutsko, USA Hockey Center Talks About Overcoming Cervical Spine Fracture

Logan Hutsko is an elite US Hockey Prospect and is committed to play at Boston College in 2018. He recently overcame a cervical spine fracture (C6) that he suffered while taking a face-off when his head went into his opponent's chest.  Logan said that he immediately felt tingling, numbness and weakness throughout his body, particularly when he was trying to shoot the puck. However, Logan brushed it off and went on to participate in 1 game, 3 practices and 2 lifts before he got an MRI.  The mental toughness he developed from playing the sport since he was 3 years old and from his father who was a football player influenced him to "tough it out."

When Logan finally got an MRI on his neck, the scan showed a C6 vertebrae fracture that could easily have left him paralyzed. Logan was obviously forced to sit-out after this diagnosis and in the interview he discusses the emotional tole it took on him to watch his team go on without him and process the possibility of never being able to play again.  He credits his coaches for keeping him engaged and continuing to improve his game off the ice by watching film on some of the best players in the world.  During this depressive state, Logan came across the video below and it helped change his outlook on his recovery process.  Honestly,  I wish  I saw this 9 years ago when I suffered my career ending brain injury.  Trust me, it is worth the 7 minutes of your time.

Logan is now back to playing hockey for the US National Team in the Developmental Program, but when he returned he struggled to regain his confidence and admitted to initially playing scared.  Dr. Danielle Clarke ("The best Physical Therapist I have ever had" - Logan Hutsko) from Parabolic Performance & Rehab in Little Falls, NJ helped Logan get back on the ice and regain confidence in his body and in his game.  Dr. Clarke joins us in this episode and explains the clinical side of diagnosing and treating Logan's injury.  She also talks about her own athletic career, injuries she overcame and her transition to life after sports.  

Dr. Danielle Clarke graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a B.A. in Communication Studies and received her clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Seton Hall University. She was a NCAA Division 1 scholarship athlete and a captain of the University of Rhode Island Gymnastics team. During her time at Seton Hall, Danielle interned at the Steadman Hawkins Denver Clinic where she had the opportunity to work with a variety of active individuals and athletes of all levels. Dr. Clarke combines her extensive knowledge of orthopedic rehabilitation with her Division 1 athletic background to develop a comprehensive understanding of athletic motion and functional efficiency to improve patient outcomes.





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