45 : Book Review, "Shaken" by Tim Tebow, Discovering Your True Identity In The Midst of Life's Storms

A few months ago I received an email about applying to be on the launch team for Tim Tebow's new book called Shaken.  When I saw the book was about "discovering your true identity in the midst of life's storms" I knew this was something Heads 'N Tales listeners had to get their hands on. Fortunately, I was chosen to be on the launch team and I finished reading my advanced copy of the book last week.  Before I get into my thoughts on the book, it's important to get some background on where I am coming from and what my religious views are.  

Playing catch with Tim during Jets training camp in 2012

Playing catch with Tim during Jets training camp in 2012

To say that I am a Tim Tebow fan is an understatement.  I joined the Tebow bandwagon back in 2008 when he and Florida Gators lost to Ole Miss but went on to win the rest of their games, which included the SEC championship over top-ranked Alabama and the national championship game against Sam Bradford’s Oklahoma team.  The wins and the Heisman Trophy weren't what sparked my interest in Tim, it was the speech, later called The Promise, that he made to the media following that loss to Ole Miss (featured below).  Many critics called him a cry baby, but I saw it differently.  I saw a guy who wanted it more than anyone else out on the field.  A guy who had a passion for the game that reminded me of my own and a guy that was just plain-old fun to watch. 

When Tim was at the highest of highs winning national championships and a Heisman trophy, I was at my personal lowest of lows.  The fall of 2008 was the first time I couldn't play football in over a decade (check out episode 1 to learn about my story). I went from being a National Honor Society student in high school to being put on academic probation during my first semester at Rutgers.  I was insecure because I was no longer viewed as an athlete, nor did anyone care that I ever was.  This feeling had a huge impact on my relationships at the time and on my confidence.  I looked to Tim as someone who achieved everything that I ever dreamt of as a kid and never thought he would ever feel the way I did at that moment.  I watched the documentary on Tim which showcase his journey to the NFL called Everything In Between about 100 times (featured below, a must watch!) and obviously read his first book, Through My Eyes.  I connected to Tim's drive, work ethic and ability to silence all his haters time and time again.  Despite all this, I never thought he would ever have to feel the pain  I felt after I was told I could never set foot on a football field ever again.  I missed playing more than anything in the world, but“what do you do when something that has defined you your entire life is gone?” This is a question that Tim answer's in his new book because he now does know how I felt.

Although I am obviously a biased fan of Tim Tebow, I am nowhere near on the same level as Tim's religious views.  As far as my religious beliefs go, I am a confirmed catholic who only goes to church on Christmas Eve with my grandmother.  I believe in higher power, but I am still not exactly sure what that means to me.

Shaken is definitely heavier on religion side than Through My Eyes, but I felt it was tastefully done in such a way that anyone, religious or not, could enjoy and use the messages written in the book.  I thought Shaken was a perfect book for someone like me because it features practical wisdom from Scripture and insights gained from both Tim and other inspiring individuals. To put it bluntly, I never felt like I was having the bible forced down my throat.  Tim does a great job describing how one can use religion to help them overcome any of life's obstacles and discover a new identity. 

Below is my abbreviated take on the book:

Release Date : October 25, 2016

Pages: 224

Difficulty: Easy read/short chapters (my favorite)

Readers will get behind the scenes insights like the "Tebowing" phenomenon, decision to not change position away from playing quarterback, injuries and relationships with coaches and teammates just to name a few.

Top 3 likes:

  • Tim’s vulnerability (not perfect)

  • Explanations, personal stories and other peoples stories to drive points home.

  • Relate-ability, ex. It is normal to question God’s plan, even Tim does sometimes.

Top 3 Learning Points:

  • Value of finding your Identity in God because everything else is temporary.

    • “What do you do when something that has defined you your entire life is gone?”

  • Finding the courage to take a stand for something/anything!

    • Healing yourself along the way and getting messages from God

  • Fighting the urge to compare yourself to other people

    • Tom Brady example

    • Social media highlight reels

    • Just be the best you!

Favorite quote:

“Think about what would be if there was no God.  Instead of there being purpose in the pain, pain is meaningless.”

If you are a fan of the podcast, you will be a fan of this book!  I already find myself using some of the tools Tim teaches in Shaken.

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