88 : That's Gotta Hurt, The Injuries That Changed Sports Forever w/ Dr. David Geier

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Dr. David Geier is an Orthopaedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist out of Charleston South Carolina.  Dr. Geier has been writing and podcasting on various sports medicine topics for years, and he was kind enough to send me a copy of his new book called “That’s Gotta Hurt, The Injuries That Changed Sports Forever.”  In this episode, we discuss how surgeries, treatments and prevention strategies have evolved for athletes over the years. Dr. Geier put a tremendous amount of effort into the supporting research for each chapter of this book.  Using stories of landmark injuries suffered by professional and collegiate athletes, Dr. Geier highlights how far the field of Sports Medicine has evolved in a relatively short period of time, the problems that still exist and offers insight into some potential solutions to these issues.  I believe that many different perspectives can appreciate the contents of this book.  Specifically, parents, athletes, coaches, aspiring athletic trainers, physical therapists and students.  This book would be a jackpot for a student writing a paper related to sports medicine! There are nearly 50 pages worth of references.  Dr. Geier did most of the hard work for you!

Below are some talking points throughout the episode:

  • What inspired Dr. Geier to get into Sports Medicine.

  • Memorable circumstances throughout his career

    • Pro Tennis Tournaments

  • Why it is important to treat the whole person

  • The inspiration behind his new book

  • The current state of Sports Medicine and what's on the horizon

  • Landmark injuries that have led to rule changes, better surgeries, training, equipment and how sports have evolved because of these injuries

  • How injuries affect recruiting and drafting, predicting future health

    • How to keep yourself marketable after injury

  • How pro sports are a Darwinian process in that they weed out the guys and gals whose bodies won't hold up

  • The pressure on the players to get back and play hurt which lead to further injury

  • Advice to athletic career longevity: If possible give your body as much time as possible to let your body heal and not come back too soon

  • What are the glaring gaps in the effectiveness of today's surgeries

  • Most common injuries Dr. Geier sees in his patients

  • Why injuries in runners and kids are largely preventable and why injuries in contact sports aren't always as preventable

  • The effects of patient expectations going into surgery

    • As a patient, don’t be afraid to ask the questions

  • Balancing risk vs. reward

    • Why Dr. Geier is concerned about youth tackle football

  • What happens to goal setting when injuries aren’t a part of the program

  • Catastrophic injuries and an extreme sports discussion

  • What worries Dr. Geier about extreme sports

  • The evolution of equipment and why Dr. Geier wouldn't be surprised to see a normalization of pitchers and infielders wearing helmets

    • # HelmetsAreCool

  • The role of collective bargaining in sports health & safety

  • Greg Maddux's pitching follow-through technique which not only served to protect him from comebackers, but also earned him 18 Gold Glove awards

  • How healthy athletes tend to focus on recovery

  • The difference between male and female athletes when it comes to injury

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