Week 22 Injury Report : Super Bowl Injuries, Cooks & Chung Concussions, Gronk Retirement Rumors & 1,151 Yards of Total Offense

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After each week of NFL football games for the 2017-2018 season, the Heads 'N Tales podcast will be posting an episode dedicated to injuries and health & safety topics surrounding the NFL. Specifically we will talk about possible prevention strategies, the rulebook, equipment and other injury buzz around the league.  My co-host and strategist for these episodes will be one of my closest friends, Josh Boyd (hence the J in "JK"..I'm the K...).  Josh and I grew up playing baseball together. Josh was a division-1 center fielder for Monmouth University and experienced his fair share of injuries throughout his career.  Although Josh never played organized football, the dude flat-out knows the game of football and undoubtably knows more about the ins-and-outs of the sport better than I do from both a fan and x's & o's perspective.  Our intention for these episodes is to spark conversations around topics that are usually brushed under the rug or only minimally covered in the hopes of making football and all sports safer for the athletes who play them.  

You are currently looking at the show notes for SUPER BOWL 52!

Super bowl 52 Injuries:

Brandin Cooks, New England WR, Concussion

  • By the rules this was a clean hit.
  • Kevin and Josh debate if this type of hit can be enforced out of the game by the players themselves.
  • Game impact of the injury.

Patrick Chung, New England S, Concussion/Taking a nap?

Chung was also shooken up later in the game:

  • Further reinforcing our previous discussions on how it takes time for the onset of symptoms and the need the go to the locker room.
  • Be on the lookout for an investigation.

Rob Gronkowski, New England TE, Coming of concussion from afc Championship game; Had himself a freakin day despite the loss, rumors of retiring

  • Josh brings up the point that injuries always hurt a lot worse after a tough loss.

Devin McCourty (Rutgers Guy), New England S, Knee

  • Doesn't seem like anything too concerning, most likely just the lingering affects of a long season. 
  • Not much out there on when, where, or how this happened.

Malcolm Butler, New England CB, illness?

  • Josh believes this had the biggest impact on the outcome of the game.

Thoughts on the Game:

Tons of passing:

  • 1,151 yards of total offense between the two teams: 538 for Philadelphia, 613 for New England.

  • 1 Player in the entire game (LeGarrette Blount) who exceeded nine rushing attempts. Both teams ran for better than 5 yards per carry, but they did it by committee. The Eagles used three running backs regularly (Blount, Jay Ajayi, and Corey Clement), while the Patriots split opportunities between James White, Dion Lewis, and Rex Burkhead.

Is this the future of football? Would it be such a bad thing? Would it lead to a safer game?

  • Josh discusses the personnel requirements to pull this off. 

How ‘bout that Foles touchdown catch?!

Clement Touchdown

Ertz touchdown

  • Earlier in the game Ertz was the recipient of a clean defenseless receiver tackle on forth down Below (00:10).

Skinny Dudes can't hurdle

  • Good example of the benefits of seeing what you hit.

Carson Wentz Feelz post game

Look out for our article coming on what the NFL should do to make the game safer!

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