Week 6 Fantasy Football Injury Report : Aaron Rodgers' Broken Collarbone

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After each week of NFL football games for the 2017-2018 season, the Heads 'N Tales podcast will be posting an episode dedicated to injuries and health & safety topics surrounding the NFL. Specifically we will talk about possible prevention strategies, the rulebook, equipment and other injury buzz around the league.  My co-host and strategist for these episodes will be one of my closest friends, Josh Boyd (hence the J in "JK"..I'm the K...).  Josh and I grew up playing baseball together. Josh was a division-1 center fielder for Monmouth University and experienced his fair share of injuries throughout his career.  Although Josh never played organized football, the dude flat-out knows the game of football and undoubtably knows more about the ins-and-outs of the sport better than I do from both a fan and x's & o's perspective.  Our intention for these episodes is to spark conversations around topics that are usually brushed under the rug or only minimally covered in the hopes of making football and all sports safer for the athletes who play them.  

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Week 6 Injuries:

  • Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay, Broken Collarbone, Out for the year

Heads 'N Tales Facebook Comments:

A. Clean

B. Dirty

C. Clean, but unnecessary.

D. That's the risk of running outside the pocket.

E. The speed of the game is too fast for the defender to avoid contact.

F. Other (Comment Below)

David C - hit was in good form within the proper amount of steps by Rodgers but he didn’t need to wrap up and follow through to the ground. The ramifications of ego in a rivalry game.

Marco D-it's more of an unfortunate event of how he landed and most likely shouldn't have tryed to use his arm to support a landing a st 250+ linebacker tackling him at full speed into the ground.

Most likely an unnecessary tackle but it was clean.

Nathan C,E. It was too late for him to pull away so he fully followed through.

Honestly if it hadn't injured Aaron it would have been a run of the mill hit for a QB. Key areas avoided (head, knees). It's just unfortunate the weight of two men came down on one arm.

John Clean. It's almost like everyone is searching for ways to make every hit dirty instead of the other way around.

Kevin Saum I agree, definitely a clean hit, unfortunate result.

John Yea. It's sad. Athletes need to learn how to take a hit as well as give one. First 2 things you learn in jiu-jitsu, how to fall properly, and to tap.

Allan I’m trying to look at this as unbiased as I can. I believe E. Think about how fast these guys are moving. The hit is legal. Rogers is outside the pocket and Barr is running full speed. No way he can avoid making contact in my opinion.

Matt C - it was pretty textbook as far as tackles go, but the ball was out early enough he potentially could have just pushed him rather than wrapping him up.

  • Jameis Winston, QB, Tampa Bay, Shoulder, Week to Week

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  • Emmanuel Sanders, WR, Denver, Ankle, MRI Today
  • Leonard Fournette, RB, Jacksonville, Ankle, MRI Today, Day to Day?
  • Luke Kuechly, LB, Carolina, Concussion?

Week 6 Illegal hits:

  • Mike Mitchell Hit on Alex Smith
  • LaQuan Treadwell (WR MIN) block against Green Bay



  • David Amerson, CB, Oakland, Recent concussion history, Active and Played
  • Marcus Gilchrist, S, Houston, Fined 24K for hit on Travis Kelce we spoke about last week.


  • Can we protect the QB even more without ruining the game?
  • Concussions vs. Concussion Protocol and the how the league describes these two.
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