31 : Brian Bond, Secret Agent, Former Pro Football Player, ACL Recovery Expert

This week on the Heads 'N Tales podcast we learn from the expert on recovering from ACL injuries. Brian Bond has suffered 3 ACL injuries over the course of his athletic career.  Brian and I both grew up in Long Valley, NJ and played for the Long Valley Raiders youth football program and for Coach Hennelly's West Morris Central Wolfpack.  I grew up watching and looking up to Brian and his teammates because of the success they earned on the field. 

In this episode Brian takes us through his football career starting in high school where he played defensive end and led his team to a state sectional final in his senior season.  He also talks about the college recruiting process and what it was like to play at Rowan University, which was one of the best Division 3 programs in the country at the time. About half way through his senior season at Rowan, Brian tore his ACL and MCL during a game against Kean University. Brian talks about the thoughts and emotions that come with watching your team play, and sometimes succeeding without you.  It's easy to say that you would be happy for your teammates's success, but the natural tendency is to turn to jealousy.  We talk about how to deal with these feelings and how it is normal to feel this way.

Brian rehabbed rigorously after his knee surgery and treated it like his full-time job.  Prior to the injury, Brian and a couple of his teammates were getting some attention from NFL scouts so he hired an agent and began working out at local combines where he excelled tremendously.  Post-injury, Brian ran a 4.65 40 yard dash, had a 42 inch vertical leap and benched 225 lbs for 36 reps.  Despite these numbers, NFL teams didn't want to take a chance on him because he hadn't played since the injury.  Brian soon found himself playing for an Arena League team in Albany, NY to get game film for NFL Scouts.  Unfortunately, Brian re-tore his ACL again in practice and never played again.  

Through his experience in performance training and rehabilitation,  Brian naturally transitioned into becoming a personal trainer for athletes and focuses on injury prevention. Listen to the podcast to hear how Brian suffered his 3rd ACL injury and knock on wood like I did for him so it won't happen again!  If you are having a hard time transitioning to a life after sports, you do not want to miss this episode. Know that you're not alone.

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30 : Chad Hollingsworth, President & Co-Founder of Triax Technologies

This week on the Heads 'N Tales podcast we talk about how technology can help make sports safer to play at all levels with Chad Hollingsworth, President and Co-Founder of Triax Technologies.  In this episode, Chad and I talk about two of the products his company has innovated to improve sports safety, especially when it comes to concussions.  The SIM-P and the SIM-G use a small accelerometer placed inside a headband or skull cap (pictured below).  

The accelerometer measures the number, severity and location of head impacts to the athlete. Data collected by the accelerometer is synced via bluetooth technology to a smartphone for the SIM-P, which is perfect for any parent who wants to keep tabs on head impacts their child is receiving in practice or games.  Alerts are sent to notify the parent or data-manager of severe impacts.  The SIM-P is designed for individual use, but the SIM-G is designed for team use.  With the SIM-G, Impact data is transmitted within 20 milliseconds to the sidelines and cloud, allowing for instant notifications of high impact events.  Up to 63 athletes can be monitored simultaneously with the SIM-G. 

SIM-P Screen Shot

SIM-P Screen Shot

I talk a lot about the culture of toughness in sports and how in our society it is glorified to play injured.  As in my case, playing sports with a brain injury can be potentially fatal or life altering because of second impact syndrome (listen to episode 1 if you want to learn more about SIS).  Products like these have the ability to break through the culture of toughness because they warn parents or athletic trainers of  potentially dangerous blows to the head.  

In addition, these products are used in research with the hope of all sports becoming safer for athletes to play in the future.  Lastly, Chad said numerous times throughout the interview that the most important thing we can do to protect athletes from concussions is to educate them.  Traix Technologies dedicated a section of their website called "HEAD ON" to concussion education.

Where can you learn more about Triax Technologies?


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29 : Charlie "The Spaniard" Brenneman, An Unlikely Journey From Classroom to Cage

Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman is a former division 1 wrestler at Lock Haven University, Spanish teacher, fighter in the UFC, Pros vs. Joes champion, motivational speaker and author of the autobiography “Driven." Although he doesn’t always drink beer, when he does he prefers Dos Equis (not really, but he gives the most interesting man in the world a run for his money).  Charlie is listed ahead of James Franklin, Head Football Coach at Penn State University, on the most notable alumni list on Wikipedia, so I am not the only one who thinks he is pretty cool!   Charlie and I were connected by Mike Marsteller, who was our guest in Episode 4.  Mike thought Charlie's perspective on sports and life would be perfect for the podcast and boy, was he right!  Thanks Mike!  

This was an all-encompassing interview that touched on all the topics we strive to address on the Heads 'N Tales podcast.  Just to name a few we discuss handling both victory and defeat, overcoming injuries, managing concussions and doing the little things right.   Charlie also gives us some insight into his "Elements of Success", which include creating a vision, identifying core values, defining success, living with accountability and surrounding yourself with the best. Charlie is a professional speaker and teaches these elements to his audience.  Check out the video below to see him in action:

After listening to this episode I highly recommend reading his autobiography "Driven!"  I read it to prep for the interview and felt such a connection to it that I couldn't put it down.  I felt like "The Spaniard" was talking to me the entire time and he had me laughing through the ups and downs of his journey.  I recommend the book to both athletes and non-athletes because there aren't too many people in the world who can say that they have lived there dream and Charlie teaches the reader what it takes to accomplish this.  One of Heads 'N Tales' missions is to help athletes transition to life after sports and I know this Charlie's message will do just that!

Officially a Spaniard groupie!

Officially a Spaniard groupie!

Where can you find the Spaniard?

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