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15 : Mickey Brueckner, When Life Throws You a Curveball

Mickey Brueckner, Founder & CEO of Annex Sports Performance

Mickey Brueckner, Founder & CEO of Annex Sports Performance

In Episode 15 Kevin interviews Mickey Brueckner who is the founder and CEO of Annex Sports Performance.  Mickey was once a projected 5th round pick in the 2003 MLB draft until he suffered a season ending elbow injury, which required two Tommy-John surgeries.  Mickey talks about the symptoms he had leading up to his elbow injury as well as his experiences through recovery. 

Mickey always had a love for training so he naturally gravitated toward kinesiology as a college major.  With his knowledge and experience as an elite level athlete, it was an easy transition for him to become a sports performance coach.   Mickey and his team train some of the most elite athletes in New Jersey, including Boston Red Sox pitcher, Rick Porcello.  

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