145 : Embracing Your New Normal w/ Dr. Theresa Larson, DPT

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Dr. Theresa Larson is the president of Movement RX, host of the “My New Normal” podcast, author of the book “Warrior: True Strength isn’t always what it looks like,” former Marine Corps Engineer Officer and combat veteran, physical therapist, Mobility WOD Speaker and a former All- American division-one softball player. By chance, I came across Dr. Larson’s LinkedIn post (below) and I felt an immediate connection to her mission because it seemed like we were both speaking the same language. After having the opportunity to speak with her on the podcast, it turns out we really are speaking the same language!

Below you will find a list of talking points we touch on throughout our conversation:

“My identity was so wrapped up in my performance in those two areas [Softball & The Marines] I felt lost.”

  • What it was like for Theresa to participate in ROTC and Division 1 Softball while attending Villanova.

  • How the Marines became her new sport with higher stakes after softball.

  • Why the transition from the Marines to civilian life was really tough.

  • The process of losing the love for softball while playing professionally in Italy and shifting her passion to physical therapy.

  • Theresa’s unique approach to physical therapy.

  • How Theresa was able to overcome disordered eating that stemmed from stress.

  • Why a warrior is someone who takes ownership of their health.

“We can be self-bullies and rationalize our life away.”

Cold pic.JPG
  • Are you a bully to yourself?

  • Ways to take inventory on how you are talking to yourself.

  • How to use fear as fuel.

“Mental Fitness is more important to me than the physical.”

  • Discussion on the Book “Warrior.”

  • Work with adaptive athletes including Kionte Storey from episode 13.

  • Focusing on what works and not the problems.

  • Movement RX – Mobility WOD

  • How to gauge if you are overtaxing your nervous system.

Dr. Larson and her busband.

Dr. Larson and her busband.

“We need to train our minds through physical actions.”

  • My New Normal podcast and why everyone can relate to it.

    • Focus on mental health in the podcast and how guest overcome these.

  • Who are you when you strip away your work our your craft?

  • Why your goals have to match up with reality and why your life and mindset need to support those goals.

Warrior: A Memoir
By Theresa Larson, Alan Eisenstock


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Super Bowl Injury Report : Rams-Patriots Injury Free Going Into The Super Bowl, Pro Bowl Alternatives, Ed Hochuli Speaks Out On Player Safety

Super Bowl Cover.jpg

After each week of NFL football games for the 2018- 2019 season, the Heads 'N Tales podcast will be posting an episode dedicated to injuries and health & safety topics surrounding the NFL. Specifically we will talk about possible prevention strategies, the rulebook, equipment and other injury buzz around the league.  

The strategist for these episodes will be one of my closest friends, Josh Boyd.  Josh and I grew up playing baseball together. Josh was a division-1 center fielder for Monmouth University and experienced his fair share of injuries throughout his career.  Although Josh never played organized football, the dude flat-out knows the game of football and undoubtably knows more about the ins-and-outs of the sport better than I do from both a fan and x's & o's perspective.  

Dr. Wazim Buksh "Waz" is the newest member to the Heads 'N Tales team and has been a long time friend of mine.   Waz will serve as the medical expert in these recordings to give you the most realistic expectations for when your favorite players go down with an injury and what their road to recovery will look like.  Dr. Buksh is board certified in both Internal and Sports Medicine. Waz completed his sports medicine fellowship with the New York Jets medical staff in 2014.

Our intention for these episodes is to spark conversations around topics that are usually brushed under the rug or only minimally covered in the hopes of making football and all sports safer for the athletes who play them.  

You are currently looking at the show notes for Super Bowl Week of the 2018 season!

Injuries from AFC & NFC Championship Games:

Rams and Patriots might not have anyone on injury report for Super Bowl!

Gronk blocking Like a beast and making plays through the air:

Thoughts on Overtime rules - Good for the game? Good for player safety?:

Letting the boys play this past weekend (player safety thrown out the window in championship games)

Hit on Saints TE Josh Hill

Controversial Rams-Saints call also player safety missed call on defenseless receiver:

Rams Injuries:


Todd Gurley Comments

#NFLWayToPlay Player of the week for the Divisional Round Games:

#NFLWayToPlay Player of the week for the Championship Round Games:

Thoughts for Alternatives to the Pro Bowl:

Juju injury

NFL Obesity Post Career:

Alex Smith Sighting:

“Hochuli joined the "Always Aggravated Podcast" hosted by Detroit radio personality Mike Valenti in his first interview since his retirement from the NFL after turning down all other media appearances in recent months.”

"I’m sorry, but I completely disagree. We have absolutely not gone too far," he said. "The players have gotten bigger -- I go back, I started in 1990. They’ve gotten bigger and faster and stronger. I worked over 600 games in the NFL, and there wasn’t a single game right up to the very last one that there weren’t a half a dozen times in that game (where) I said, 'Oh my god, how’s that guy gonna get up off the ground? He’s gotta be dead.' And they hop up and they go back to the huddle. It’s a collision sport, and we’ve got to protect them. We’ve got to protect them."

"The same thing is happening with roughing the passer. At the beginning of this year there was a huge outcry on a few particular roughing-the-passer plays for this bodyweight rule change. Now we watch the video, and time after time after time the guy gets the sack and as he’s going down he rolls to the side instead of coming down with his full bodyweight on top of the quarterback. It changes and it makes it safer, so I really have to beg to differ. I don’t think we've gone too far. I think that it’s wonderful that rules change for player safety, otherwise the game couldn’t survive."

NFL Viewership Up in 2018:

Other Stats:

Concussions decreased by 29% in 2018 Season:

Super Bowl Picks:

Josh - Patriots

Kevin - Patriots

Dr. Waz - Rams

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144 : Cutting Edge Football Shoulder Pad Technology w/ XTECH President, Bob Broderick

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In week two of my senior season, I separated my shoulder when I tried to run over a linebacker (like any typical caveman would). I continued to play through that injury and as a result, began to favor my opposite shoulder. Not surprisingly, I ended up with two bum shoulders and was forced to initiate contact with my head. Looking back, the whole rationale sounds ridiculous and idiotic, but with an underdeveloped frontal lobe, football glory preceded everything. Recently I have began to think that with all the attention paid to head injuries in football (and rightfully so), we are forgetting about the other injuries common to the sport.

Bob Broderick began his career in sports at the ripe age of fourteen, as a ball boy and part-time assistant in the New York Giants equipment department. While working in sports media and marketing, Bob teamed up with Ted Monica who has been an innovator in protective equipment design and manufacturing for nearly three decades . Together they formed XTECH Protective Equipment, which is winning over the preferences of professional and college football players.


Below are some topics we touch on throughout the interview:

  • Dichotomy of an athlete’s heightened body awareness and lack of knowledge about their shoulder pads.

  • Why football players generally have no idea what they were wearing (shoulder pads) in regard to brand, style and size.

  • Why players should better educate themselves on their equipment (shoulder pads cover 65% of your upper torso).

  • Why taking the head out of the game adds more stress on the shoulders.

  • Technology used by XTECH

  • The design doesn’t just have safety in mind.

  • Overcoming the mindset that thicker is better when it comes to foam padding.

  • How the pads aim to address clavicle injuries like Aaron Rodgers’

  • How medical history goes into fitting a player for pads

“For whatever reason when it comes to shoulder pads…There’s no rules".”

  • There are no standards for shoulder pads unlike helmets.

  • The lack of innovation in shoulder pads over the years and why guys are slow to change.

  • Why the design is never complete.

  • The Cover 2 Program that is making the game safer at schools with outdated equipment.

  • Pro’s making the switch to XTECH



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