Our Mission

After graduating from Georgetown with a master’s degree in sports industry management and with hopes of raising concussion awareness and improving sports safety, Kevin Saum established the Heads ‘N Tales podcast to share inspiring stories of perseverance and the latest innovations in sports health. 

Kevin suffered a traumatic brain injury called Second Impact Syndrome (SIS) during a high school football game on October 5, 2007. SIS has a 50% mortality rate and nearly 100% morbidity rate, yet Kevin miraculously survived with full cognitive and physical abilities, but was no longer able to pursue his dream of playing college football. Although Kevin knew how fortunate he was, his transition to life after sports was trying. Despite his disappointment and depression, Kevin felt inspired to be the voice for those athletes who weren’t as lucky as he was and cannot share their story. Heads ‘N Tales was created to be a platform where athletes can share their tales of perseverance to help inspire anyone in their time of need. 

Kevin releases podcast episodes on Sundays hoping to provide the support system he had a difficult time finding throughout his injury and recovery. For example, he has interviewed a college basketball player who had a stroke, became paralyzed and now –after fully regaining mobility– is going to Athletic Training School to help others. Kevin has also interviewed cancer survivors who are maximizing their new lease on life through sports, adventure and lifestyle. Additionally, Kevin has done tons of work with Wounded Warriors: volunteering at events; having veterans on the Heads ‘N Tales podcast; and helping to raise money for a retired Marine who lost a leg in Afghanistan and who has set an inspirational goal to qualify for the Paralympics. Do you want to share your inspiring tale? Reach out to Kevin today!