105 : Why Practice Doesn't Always Make Perfect & Recovering From 4 ACL Reconstructions w/ Christen Biskelonis DPT

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Christen Biskelonis is a Physical Therapist who overcame 4 ACL reconstructions and is the CEO of Journey Physical Therapy LLC.  We were connected by one of my childhood friends after she expressed her passion for injury prevention and safe body mechanics to him.  After talking about her own experience with ACL injuries we dive deep into what puts athletes at risk for suffering this type of knee injury.  Since Christen was local, we tested out my new camera by recording a couple videos on the red flags for at-risk athletes. Christen teaches us about proper landing mechanics and how to strengthen your hamstrings which are both major contributors to ACL tears (below). 

Are You At Risk?

Some Exercises you can do at home to help prevent an ACL injury from ending your season:

Equipment seen in this video:

The right way...

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The Wrong Way...

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Below are more topics of conversation Christen and I talk about in episode 105:

  • The story of Christen's first ACL injury (right leg), which occurred when she was just 14 years old while playing basketball.

  • What is was like being in a full leg brace and in a wheelchair on the first day of high school.

  • The story of Christen tearing the same ACL in the first basketball practice back from the original injury after doing a layup.

  • Why her second reconstruction, which required a pre-reconstructive surgery was the worst of all her surgeries.

  • Why surgeons tend to lean towards patellar tendon grafts for professional athletes and their role of mechanoreceptors.

  • The role of growth plates for young athletes and ACL surgery.

  • The story of Christen's third ACL injury (left leg) and an athletic trainers role in saving her leg.

  • The roles each knee ligament plays in stability.

  • What sparked Christen's interest in physical therapy.

  • The current state of health care and it’s impact on physical therapy.

  • What to look for in a rehab facility.

  • Why you shouldn’t wait until you get hurt to see a physical therapist.

  • The importance of stretching, rest and hydration.

  • Red flags for ACL risk factors.

  • Why teenage girls are at the greatest risk for ACL injuries.

  • Assessing ACL risks through movement screenings.

  • Why there are so many non-contact ACL injuries among NFL players.

  • The role music played in Christen’s recoveries.

  • Why practice doesn’t always make perfect.

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