113 : Battling Concussions, Depression & Anxiety in Division 1 College Baseball, w/ Matt Dauby

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Baseball is often thought of as a game of failure because batting .300 gets you into the hall of fame as a pro ball player.  This means that you are technically "failing" in 70% of your at bats that don't result in a hit.  In addition, you have a lot of time to think about those failures before your next chance at redemption.  Trust me, your mind can go to some pretty dark places if you aren't equipped with the right mental tool box.  Heck, I could barely have a catch in my sophomore season of high school baseball because I couldn't shake the memories of few errors I made.  The inevitability of failure and the time to think about these failures are why to this day I firmly believe that baseball and golf are the two hardest sports to play.  As an avid baseball player growing up, I can remember countless times when an opponent made a diving catch on a ball I hit or robbed me of a home run that would have won the game.  By feel and by sight, these are great hits with unfortunate results.  However, I often had a hard time acknowledging the good in these moments because in my mind, those hits might as well have been strikeouts.   I can only imagine how these feelings would be heightened before taking the field against the LSU Tigers in front of 14,000 people in Baton Rouge, Louisiana like this week's guest, Matt Dauby did.

Photo: Virginia Tech Athletics

Photo: Virginia Tech Athletics

Matt is a former Virginia Tech baseball player, autism awareness advocate and the focus of our conversation surrounds his battle with the effects of concussions, depression and anxiety while college baseball at Virginia Tech. Below are topics with discuss throughout the interview:

  • Matt takes us through his concussion history and eventual diagnosis of PCS

  • The work he did with a doctor named Mickey Collins at U Pitt for PCS

  • Matt's technique for getting his school work done while dealing with PCS and his inability to concentrate for long periods of time.

  • The benefits Matt found in working with a therapist.

  • The emotional tole missing his senior year of high school basketball had on him.

  • An anxiety attack Matt had before a game at LSU where his Dad first noticed something was off.

  • An error Matt made against rival University of Virginia that put his college baseball career on pause.

  • How depression and anxiety negatively affected his speed on the field.

  • How Matt used daily journaling and other tools to work his way back to the diamond.

  • Sayings and mantras that Matt would tell himself during games.

“Play the game like a six year old playing wiffle ball in the back yard”

  • Why Matt puts so much emphasis on his nutrition.

  • Matt's unique pregame ritual.

  • Why baseball is a tough sport to play when you are dealing with depression.

  • Why Matt is so passionate about spreading awareness on Autism.

  • How Matt's transition to life after baseball has been to this point.

  • Why Matt chose to join the Latin Dance Club in high school.

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