145 : Embracing Your New Normal w/ Dr. Theresa Larson, DPT

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Dr. Theresa Larson is the president of Movement RX, host of the “My New Normal” podcast, author of the book “Warrior: True Strength isn’t always what it looks like,” former Marine Corps Engineer Officer and combat veteran, physical therapist, Mobility WOD Speaker and a former All- American division-one softball player. By chance, I came across Dr. Larson’s LinkedIn post (below) and I felt an immediate connection to her mission because it seemed like we were both speaking the same language. After having the opportunity to speak with her on the podcast, it turns out we really are speaking the same language!

Below you will find a list of talking points we touch on throughout our conversation:

“My identity was so wrapped up in my performance in those two areas [Softball & The Marines] I felt lost.”

  • What it was like for Theresa to participate in ROTC and Division 1 Softball while attending Villanova.

  • How the Marines became her new sport with higher stakes after softball.

  • Why the transition from the Marines to civilian life was really tough.

  • The process of losing the love for softball while playing professionally in Italy and shifting her passion to physical therapy.

  • Theresa’s unique approach to physical therapy.

  • How Theresa was able to overcome disordered eating that stemmed from stress.

  • Why a warrior is someone who takes ownership of their health.

“We can be self-bullies and rationalize our life away.”

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  • Are you a bully to yourself?

  • Ways to take inventory on how you are talking to yourself.

  • How to use fear as fuel.

“Mental Fitness is more important to me than the physical.”

  • Discussion on the Book “Warrior.”

  • Work with adaptive athletes including Kionte Storey from episode 13.

  • Focusing on what works and not the problems.

  • Movement RX – Mobility WOD

  • How to gauge if you are overtaxing your nervous system.

Dr. Larson and her busband.

Dr. Larson and her busband.

“We need to train our minds through physical actions.”

  • My New Normal podcast and why everyone can relate to it.

    • Focus on mental health in the podcast and how guest overcome these.

  • Who are you when you strip away your work our your craft?

  • Why your goals have to match up with reality and why your life and mindset need to support those goals.

Warrior: A Memoir
By Theresa Larson, Alan Eisenstock


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130 : Get Up | The Art of Perseverance w/ Adam Greenberg

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This week's guest is famous for one pitch that changed his life forever.  The pitch was a 92 mph, first pitch fastball to the back of the head on his major league debut with the Chicago Cubs.  This unfortunate event gave Adam the record for being only one of two players in history to have an official at bat without ever taking the field.  After seven years of continued hustle to get back to the major leagues, battling post-concussion symptoms and countless other injuries, he signed a one day contract with the Miami Marlins in 2012 to finish that at bat.  Adam was an All-American at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and was inducted into the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in 2014.  Outside of baseball Adam founded the Health & Wellness Company Lurong Living and is author of the book “Get Up, The Art of Perseverance.” Adam's book should be a must read for any athlete who is dealt adversity, especially if they are struggling with post-concussion syndrome.

I was first introduced to Adam's story through my buddy Joe who hired Adam to speak to the athletes at NJIT.  After Joe's recommendation and reading Adam's book I knew I had to get him on the pod.  

I apologize in advance for dips in audio quality throughout this episode, but luckily Adam was kind enough to re-record the roughest parts.

Below you will find a list of topics Adam and I cover throughout the interview:

“If you play sports you are going to have setbacks.”

  • Why baseball is a game of failure.

  • The odds against baseball players reaching the major leagues.

  • Goal setting principles.

  • Weight room accident that kept him out of for the first time baseball and how Adam dealt with it.

  • How your attitude can create opportunity.

  • How to make fuel for your fire with the naysayers.

  • Symptoms from the concussion suffered in Adam's first major league at bat (17 mis-diagnosis).

    • Positional vertigo

  • The different treatments that helped alleviate his symptoms.

“I picked baseball, baseball didn’t pick me.”

Photo :  CT Post

Photo : CT Post

  • What is was like going through this injury in the early years of concussion awareness.

  • How to make injury recover a game.

  • How Adam's mental game got stronger after each setback.

  • The importance of setting small goals along the injury recovery journey.

  • The one at-bat campaign story.

  • How pain can serve as a teacher.

  • Why if you quit, you are no help to anyone.

  • Adam's transition to life after baseball and how Lurong Living helped this transition.

  • The injury that gave Adam closure.

  • Adam educate's us on deer antler supplements.

  • Adam's latest project with Four Diamonds Sports.

Get Up: The Art of Perseverance
By Adam Greenberg, Ben Biddick

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126 : Swapping Brain Surgery Stories w/ Former Red Sox Prospect, Ryan Westmoreland

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Ryan Westmoreland was a 5th round draft pick by The Boston Red Sox out of high school in 2008.  Ryan had a phenomenal rookie season with the Lowell Spinners of the Class A-short league where Ryan batted .296 with 7 home runs, 35 RBIs and a .401 on base percentage in 60 games. Unfortunately, a Cavernous Malformation in his brain cut his pro baseball career short, but he is lucky to be here to share his story with us in episode 126.

Ryan and I are the same age and have experienced similar adversities in our 28 years on this earth. We also went through some of the lowest points in our lives at the same time due to uncontrollable and unforeseen events that detoured the paths we dreamt up for ourselves since we were kids.  If you are a frequent listener of the pod, I am sure you have felt the same way at some point or feel that way now.  In this episode Ryan takes us through the highs, the lows and gives us all advice on how to make it to the other side when nothing seems to be going your way.  More talking points in our conversation can be found below: 

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  • What a cavernous malformation is and why Ryan's was in the worst possible spot.

  • Symptoms he experienced during spring training that led him to think something might be wrong.

  • Ryan takes us through the surgical and rehab process.

  • Ryan's determination for blazing a trail back to professional baseball after surgery.

  • Fighting through the frustration in his return to pro baseball.

    • Struggled with fine motor skills.

  • Setbacks that led to surgery #2.

  • Taking it day by day through the bad days.

  • What went into the decision to retire.

  • Overcoming thoughts of suicide.

  • How Ryan's adversity influenced his coaching today.

“Go out there and show people you’re a good person.”

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  • Why Ryan's health is his number one priority today.

  • Battling the thoughts of "why me?"

  • Significance of Ryan's tattoos.

  • Where his interest in fitness came from.

  • How Ryan's athletic performance benefitted from playing multiple sports through high school.

Photo: Boston Herald

Photo: Boston Herald


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