127 : Have You Earned Your Intensity? w/ Marco Dapkey

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This week's guest might look familiar to you if you have been following the show for a while.  Marco Dapkey should look familiar to you because his story of overcoming acute lymphoblastic leukemia was featured in episode 73 and 74 almost exactly a year ago.   A lot has happened in the last year including Marco's first individual CrossFit Regionals appearance where he finished 28/40! He also opened his own gym (CrossFit MFP) in that last year, which we discuss in depth in next week's episode.  The focus of our conversation surrounds the idea of "EARNING YOUR INTENSITY."  This is a concepts that resonates with me because in sports and in life, if you bite off more than you can chew, bad things usually happen.  In my case I ended up hurting my knee, because I didn't put in the time and work to balance myself out.  Below you will find a list of talking points we cover throughout the episode and videos of exercises you can add into your workout routine to earn your intensity.

  • Marco brings us up to speed on what happened in the last year.

  • Being happy to be there vs. being there to compete (at regionals).

  • Lessons learned from last years regionals.

  • The importance of a warm up and what happens if you are too cool for school…

  • Half time warm up tips.

  • Dealing with the intimidation of competing against some of the CrossFit superstars.

  • Trusting the process while earning your intensity.

“Many steps over long strides.”

  • What is intensity?

  • Maximizing your workouts with intensity.

  • Being efficient with your movement and being engaged both physically and mentally.

  • The importance of working on your weaknesses.

  • Why enough is never enough? and how to respect your limits.

  • How Marco is approaching the programming for his high school football players.

“You cant really achieve true intensity if you don’t have quality movement.”

  • When to push and when to pull back - listening to your body.

  • The importance of variability in your movements to achieve balance.

  • Why you sometimes have to move slow to get fast.

  • Landmine press explanation ( video above ).

  • Anti rotational core (video above).

  • Strict underhand chin ups.

  • Step ups.

  • Why accessory work is becoming the sexy thing.

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