138 : Animal Flow & Injury Prevention w/ Chris Flo, ATC

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Chris Flo is an Athletic Trainer, Founder of Flo Fitness, Creator of the Rooted Rehab Certification for Athletic Trainers and is an Animal Flow Master Instructor. I first met Chris when I delivered the 2017 Keynote speech at the ATSNJ Conference. We recently reconnected after I posted the Instagram video (below), which featured Washington Redskins Tight End Jordan Reed (who is coming off a foot surgery) performing the Animal Flow movement called a crab reach. The reason I initially felt compelled to repost the video was because I thought is was a display of toughness. Here is a guy who is doing whatever he needs to do to get his body right before he goes out on the field and he doesn’t care how he looks. After seeing my post , Chris reached out to give me some more information on Animal Flow and we decided to collaborate on this episode to teach you all about the various benefits of Animal Flow, which includes injury prevention.

Below you will find the various talking points we cover throughout this episode:

  • Break dancing, gymnastics and parkour’s influence on Animal Flow.

  • Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

  • Animal Flow founding principles.

  • How Animal Flow is rooted in science and is related to avoiding injuries like torn ACL’s

  • How Animal Flow can serve as a diagnostic tool for injuries or future injuries.

  • The importance of adding movement patterns to your arsenal.

  • Why not enough athletes learn how to fall.

  • ABC’s of Animal Flow

    • Ape, Beast & Crab

  • How Animal Flow improves an athlete’s body communication and awareness and why that translates to competition.


“You should be able to move this thing, its yours” (YOUR BODY)

  • Why strength is relative.

  • Functional range conditioning.

  • The spiritual aspect of Animal Flow.

  • Why Chris wasn’t surprised to See Jordan Reed doing animal flow on the sidelines

“Don’t Overflow.”

  • The power of doing things your bad at and the road to mastery.

  • How athletic trainers can use Animal Flow in their practice.

  • Why Animal Flow is like chocolate covered vegetables.

  • How Animal Flow can be easily implemented into warm ups.


“Stress is stressful.”

  • Chris’ Rooted Rehab Certification for Athletic Trainers.

  • Why the body as a system and shouldn’t be thought of as individual parts.



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