8 : Meg Kepferle, Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy

Meg looking fierce while jumping with her blue-horned unicorn (a very rare breed).

Meg looking fierce while jumping with her blue-horned unicorn (a very rare breed).

Meg Kepferle is a professional Equestrian who has suffered from concussions and multiple broken bones throughout her career. In addition to discussing her own injuries and the culture of riding hurt in the sport, Meg sheds light on serious injuries her friends have encountered and their subsequent recoveries.  

Going into this interview I knew very little about the sport of Equestrian.  Meg explains the different facets of the sports and talks about what makes the sport so dangerous.  I was able to draw some parallels to the sport of american-style football and even NASCAR during the interview in terms of what is being done to make the sport safer and the pressures to play injured.  Meg talks in detail about her most recent concussion and how she should have taken it more seriously.  I guilted her into getting it checked out by a doctor after the interview was over. As I always say, "if your head hurts don't play."

Meg has also suffered a tremendous amount of loss starting with the loss of her brother, close friends and recently her mother.  We talk about how Equestrian has helped her get through these difficult times and how others can benefit from the sport.  Below are some questions I as Meg in the interview:

  • What do you love most about riding horses?

  • What are some of the injuries you have accumulated over the years?

    • Describe some of the incidents

  • What were some of the worst injuries you have seen in your equestrian career?

  • Unfortunately, you have dealt with a lot of loss in your life. What has been the most difficult part and what has been equestrian's role in helping you through these times?

  • Would riding horses be a good outlet for someone looking to find a new activity in their transition to life after sports?

    • How does one start participating in the sport?

  • Are their pressures to ride through injuries, maintain certain weights, other peer pressures?

  • How do you work through these pressures?

  • What do you have to say about the statement "get back on the horse"?

  • What is your definition of perseverance?

Where can you find Meg?

Instagram : @megkep

Blog: http://thisismegkep.blogspot.com/

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