Week 17 Injury Report : LeSean McCoy's Ankle, Marquise Goodwin & Robby Anderson Concussions, NCAA Targeting Rule Effectiveness, Wild Card Picks

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After each week of NFL football games for the 2017-2018 season, the Heads 'N Tales podcast will be posting an episode dedicated to injuries and health & safety topics surrounding the NFL. Specifically we will talk about possible prevention strategies, the rulebook, equipment and other injury buzz around the league.  My co-host and strategist for these episodes will be one of my closest friends, Josh Boyd (hence the J in "JK"..I'm the K...).  Josh and I grew up playing baseball together. Josh was a division-1 center fielder for Monmouth University and experienced his fair share of injuries throughout his career.  Although Josh never played organized football, the dude flat-out knows the game of football and undoubtably knows more about the ins-and-outs of the sport better than I do from both a fan and x's & o's perspective.  Our intention for these episodes is to spark conversations around topics that are usually brushed under the rug or only minimally covered in the hopes of making football and all sports safer for the athletes who play them.  

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Week 17 Injuries:

Lesean McCoy, RB Buffalo, Ankle

  • McCoy's ankle injury could have big playoff implications.  Further discussion at the end of the podcast.

Marquise Goodwin, WR San Francisco, Concussion

  • Has leading with the shoulder excuse become a crutch? We believe the shoulder can be used as a weapon too.
  • The closer a play is to the endzone, the more vicious the hits?

De’Anthony Thomas, WR/KR Kansas City, Broken Tibia

  • Horse collar-like mechanism of injury on this one?

Robby Anderson, WR New York Jets, Concussion

  • Suspension worthy? We think so, but will it actually happen?

Extended Conversation

Texans not fined for handling of Tom Savage Concussion, but did lead to the changes in NFL Concussion Protocol we touched on last week.

Steelers, Among other teams resting starters to avoid injury in week 17

Examples of College Football Targeting Rule and enforcement UCF vs. Auburn

  • Example of the reversal of a targeting call (no video)
  • A targeting ejection
  • Example of a defensive back clearly holding up on a play across the middle to not draw and ejection for targeting.
    • This shows a change in behavior and maybe the punishment fits the crime in college football. 
    • Should the NFL implement a similar rule in the off-season?

Do NCAA ref's have Slow Whistles?

They did on this play in the UCF-Auburn game...

Draft eligible NFL Prospects skipping their teams bowl games to ensure they don’t Get hurt before the draft.


Saturday 4:35pm EST, Tennessee Titans @ Kansas City Chiefs

Key injury to watch:

  • Demarco Murray, RB Tennessee, Sprained Knee

Game Breakdown/Analysis

Saturday 8:15pm EST, Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams

Key injuries to watch:

  • Julio Jones, WR Atlanta

Game Breakdown/Analysis

Sunday 1:00pm EST, Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Key injuries to watch:

  • LeSean McCoy, RB Buffalo, Ankle

Game Breakdown/Analysis

Bills locker room video (below) mentioned in the episode after clinching their first playoff berth since 1999 with Ravens loss to the Bengals.

Sunday 4:30pm EST, Carolina Panthers @ New Orleans Saints

Key injuries to watch:

  • Greg Olsen, Carolina TE 
    • Got gypped on a helmet to helmet hit (below) this weekend and he was livid! Can't say I blame him.

.... Still mad about it (below)

This is a great example of players holding each other accountable despite what the reporters ask... More of this needs to happen in my opinion. 

Game Breakdown/Analysis

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