109 : Transitioning To Life After Sports Like A Champ w/ Derrick Furlow Jr.

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I hung onto my athlete identity for far longer than I should have after suffering a career-ending injury in a high school football game.  For years I attempted to hold onto something that I knew was over when my surgeon told me I would never set foot on a football field again.  When he told me that, my platform for proving my worth to the world was gone.  This is a very scary and lonely place for athletes to be.  I wish I could have talked to episode 109 guest and former Tennessee Volunteer, Derrick Furlow Jr. back in 2007 to learn how to translate the same qualities that made me a successful athlete into a success in other areas of my life.  At one point during our interview, Derrick said that sports are "a temporary platform for a permanent purpose."  Sports end for everyone, but success and happiness don't need to after your athletic career does.  Derrick provides us with a roadmap on how to transition like a champion in his new book Whats Next? 

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Topics of conversation from episode 109 are listed below:

  • Where the inspiration for writing Whats Next? How to Transition Like a Champion came from.

  • Why non-athletes can also benefit from this book.

  • The struggles Derrick has seen a lot of his teammates and friends go through in their transitions.

  • How Derrick helps athletes apply lessons they learned in sports to the next phase of their life and applying skillsets.

  • What happened when Derrick sent text messages to 100 guys and 100 females asking what they learned from sports.

"If you cant manage small paper, you can't manage tall paper"

  • Why it is important to learn how to manage money even when you don’t have a lot of money.

  • The story of Derrick’s ACL injury which forced him to miss his senior season of high school football and the translatable skills learned from that experience.

  • The role that faith played in Derrick's life and athletic career and why adversity forces you to listen to God's plan.

  • Derrick’s strategy for earning a scholarship at the University of Tennessee and the power of adding value in every facet of your life.

  • Inky Johnson’s Injury (below) and the impact it had on Derrick and his teammates. Inky is definitely someone we need to have on the show in 2018!

  • How to get out of what Derrick calls "identity jail."

"You see a little, you see a lot. you see a lot, you see nothing."

  • Lessons learned from playing under coach Lane Kiffin.

  • Derrick's thoughts on health and safety in the sport of football.

  • Why it's better to be the hunter rather than the hunted if you want to stay healthy.

  • Why you need to get your mind right before you get your grind right in your transition to life after sports.

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