6 : Cory Weissman, 1000 to 1

Cory's first and only basket of his college career

Cory's first and only basket of his college career

Cory Weissman went from being a 1000 point scorer on his high school basketball team, to only recording 1 basket (nothing but net) in his college career at Gettysburg College. 

In this episode, Cory tells the story of when he suffered a stroke after his Freshman season while lifting weights in the Gettysburg College recreation center.  Specifically, he talks about the physical, mental and emotional struggles he faced in the aftermath of his injury. Below are some questions I ask Cory during the interview:

What did you love most about the game?

Greatest obstacles and how you overcame them

What was your support system like?

When were you approached about making a movie on your story?

Was the film accurate or dramatized in any way?

Were you the manager of your basketball team?  Did it help or hurt emotionally?

How does it feel to watch the movie now that you are fully recovered?

What was going through your head when you got to the foul line?

Why did you choose to study Athletic Training?

What is your definition of perseverance?

The inspirational true story "1000 to 1" is based on Cory's story and can be found on Netflix or iTunes. Cory currently a masters candidate at Seton Hall University in their Athletic Training program and travels all over the country motivating and inspiring others by telling his tale of perseverance. You can find Cory on Instagram and Twitter @coryweissman3.  Also, be sure to like his facebook page (Cory Weissman).     

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Download Episode 6 on iTunes

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