5 : Vanessa Checchio, Creator of Bachata & Barbells, Teaches Us How to Kick Cancer's A$$ A$$ A$$

Vanessa Checchio, Creator of  Bachata & Barbells

Vanessa Checchio, Creator of Bachata & Barbells

This week on the Heads 'N Tales Podcast I interviewed Vanessa Checchio who is the creator of the lifestyle fitness brand, Bachata & Barbells.  Vanessa is also a survivor of Hodgkins Lymphoma and we talk about her battle with the disease and how to stay optimistic no matter what hardships life throws at you. You don't have to talk to Vanessa very long before her resilience, confidence and a strong work ethic become very obvious.  These traits undoubtedly helped her beat cancer and now serve as the foundation for her business where she inspires her clients to overcome their own obstacles in fitness.  

Below is a list of some of the questions I ask Vanessa in our interview:    

  • What was your initial reaction when you were diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma?

  • How did you stay optimistic?

  • What did your support system consist of? What was their role?

  • What was the most difficult part and what setbacks did you experience?

  • How did you decide you were going to shave your head?

  • What was it like to meet NSYNC?

  • Did your friends treat you any differently?

  • What is your definition of perseverance?

Where can you find Vanessa?

Instagram: @bachataandbarbells @vanessachecchio

Facebook: Bachata & Barbells

Website: bachataandbarbells.com

Blog: Vanessa Checchio

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